Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “Newton Shafts come Ready-to-Play”?

All too often, you are so excited about buying something new and then you have to assemble it. It kind of takes the excitement of the purchase away.  Not with Newton. When you receive your Newton Shaft, it will come complete with the Newton Motion Shaft, the driver head adapter you chose to fit the driver you play, and Lamkin Crossline 360 grip.  All you need to do is unscrew your current driver head and insert the Newton Motion Shaft, screw the head tight until it clicks, and you are good to hit your first tee shot. Easy peasy.  (If you don’t have a driver with a replaceable shaft, you can just order the shaft and have an adapter put on and gripped when it arrives).  It will take a little longer to get started but the wait will be worth it.

Can I really improve my drives?

Absolutely! And quite significantly if you are used to using the stock manufacturers shaft. Manufacturer OEM Shafts can be cheap shafts made in China, the quality and consistency of the shaft are poor - causing many bend profiles, and torque profiles are not optimized. There may be lots of dispersion, lack of consistent flight and lack of spin control. The shaft can be part of your issue at hitting straighter and longer drives.

Why do I need to replace my driver shaft?

Club head designs are regulated by the USGA and pretty much maxed out the performance from the heads. The only thing that can really make a performance difference is the shaft.  If you have had your driver for several years ask yourself, did my swing change? Did my chub head speed change? If you answered yes, your shaft may now be sub-optimal. Just by changing your shaft, like with a Newton, you could see big improvements. The Newton Shaft will cost you a fraction of the price of a new driver.

What sets the Motion Shaft apart from other driver shafts?

No other shaft has the kinetic storage construction that is the engine of all Newton Shafts. No other shaft will give you the easy swinging feel. Even with the top option or aftermarket shafts, Newton Motion has better energy storage, bend profile sand torque qualities. Why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? You have 30 days to return it if it doesn’t deliver what you expected.

Why is your flex system (DOTS) different from other shaft companies?

Newton Golf Shafts are all about the physics. The driver doesn’t know your age, your handicap, or your gender. The traditional categorization of ladies, senior, regular, stiff, etc. overgeneralize player profiles.  So why should flexes be defined that way?  We kept it simple, just check the Newton Flex guide to determine your flex (DOT)

Aren’t all golf shafts symmetrical? 

You might think so but actually very, very few shafts in the market are close to being symmetrical.  Most shafts will have a strong spine or multiple spines - meaning that the shaft is stiffer in certain angles and less on other.  The fact that many fitters will offer a “puring” service for a fee is proof that shafts are not symmetrical.  When the shafts are not symmetrical, you must align the shaft to fit your swing or your driver settings.  With the Newton, you never have to worry about that to get maximum performance from the shaft. Newton Shafts have a Symetrical360 design, so you won’t face the variable stiffness and performance issues. They behave the same in every driver position.

If your performance is so good, why is your price less than other Premium Driver Shafts?

Newton is about superior performance at a great price point. We are selling directly to golfers because we know the difference a Newton Shaft can make in your game. We don’t rely on retailers because we don’t want our prices be moved up to a level that makes our Newton Shaft unavailable for all golfers to experience. We know we can make a difference in your game by allowing you to hit it straighter and longer with less effort.  You deserve to.

What do I do if I select the incorrect shaft flex?

You have 14 days from the receipt of your Motion Shaft to send it back and can change the shaft flex. The good news is that each flex was designed to offer great performance for a wider range of swings, which means, you should end up with the right shaft. Check the Newton Flex Guide for assistance.

If you have a higher launch, doesn't that mean more spin and less distance?

Traditionally, higher launch and less spin have an opposite correlation, meaning you can’t have both. With our proprietary kinetic storage construction, we have solved what shaft makers have battled since the beginning of time.  So, you can have both by using a Newton Motion Shaft.

Your shafts are slightly heavier than competition.  Doesn’t that slow down my club head speed and therefore less distance?

The lighter the shaft, the more you can manipulate the club with your hands and arms, which actually slows down speed.  Slightly more weight will help you swing easier (less effort), sequence your swing better (straighter) and with less human manipulation. It will also generate higher smash factor.

What is the bend profile of your various DOTs?

While all Newton Shafts have the elongated bend, the 1 DOT and 2 DOT will have a lower bend profile (closer to the club head), the 3 DOT and 4 DOT will be medium bend profile (middle of the shaft), and 5 DOT and 6 DOT will have a higher bend profile (closer to the grip). This is how we optimize flight and spin for various players.

Can’t I swing every other shaft easy too?

Most shafts are not designed for a smooth swing, so swinging your existing shaft smooth does not allow you to get the most out of your shaft.  The mind is a powerful thing.  If the shaft does not load and unload smoothly, or if there are unnatural twisting of the shaft during the swing, our brain will hesitate to put a smooth thing and start to compensate or manipulate the club in the middle of a swing. All of those things slow down the club head speed and accuracy.