Newton Driver Shaft Review

January 15, 2024 


Here we go with another review! 


I will be taking a bit of a longer term approach with this because it is winter and while I could golf... it's is cold. Too cold. 

Quick intro - My name is Jamie. I am part of the Forum staff and spend way too much time here on the forum. However I would have it no other way. My bag is often a revolving door of clubs, shafts, grips and more. Recently I was afforded the opportunity to review the Newton Driver shafts which I will be going over today!
I received the 5 dot and 6 dot for testing... although I only ordered the 5 dot. The 6 dot was a nice surprise. 


First Impression

There is no denying this golf shaft stands out (more photos to come soon). It changes color depending on the angle, has minimal graphics and just looks really sharp! I am truly impressed and love the unique purple and green color. The best part is at address it has a dark look and it isn't bright or distracting at all! This is fantastic and makes it even more playable. 

The grip is a Lamkin stock grip which normally I would love, however this one is firm and well has a red cap... doesn't match at all so I will be changing this out soon. 

I am currently playing a Graphite Design ADDI 6X in my Paradym Triple Diamond. I love this combo and driver. It has been a beast off the tee and has really found a home in my bag. However the promise of a more stable shaft, more fairways hit and more consistency with a little extra power and distance from the Newton shaft was too good to pass up. 

The big question is will it live up to the hype?

Not to spoil anything, but the answer to that question is quite possibly! 

When holding just the shafts (GD and Newton 5 dot) the Newton definitely felt heavier. Heavier in the tip at least. Where the GD felt a bit heavier in the hand. Not bad heavy, but heavier. For reference the GD is also tipped a half inch short. 

First swings felt good too, however again it did feel heavier. Not a bad heavy, stable, solid and consistent heavy. There didn't seem to be much whip or "kick" in the shaft, but I could have a good feeling of where it was throughout and stability through impact. However spin was up and strikes were a little all over. 

I am a 260 carry player. I can get the ball out there good when I need to and feel like a good driver of the golf ball as a whole. I ended up having to loft the driver down to 8 degrees to help with spin and with that sorted got a bit more carry, but still was a bit all over the face. So the next step was choking up a bit... well that made a world of a difference. I will without question be tipping the shaft a bit and then getting back to it. Because once I choked up that little bit I started finding the center... over ... and over... and over and over. It was really cool. However the weight did get to me by the end and I started to loose some speed and accuracy. Now this is off season and I am not in golf shape so to speak. 

The 6 dot simply was too heavy. It is great, does not feel too stiff or boardy or stout, but just solid. However 70 grams is simply too much for me and maybe down the road I will give it another go. 

For now I am going to continue trying, testing and playing, but I think there is some good vibes with this shaft. I was able to get my speed up to 109 mph and just crushed a bunch of drives. Good shaping and consistent flights. Now is it that much better than the GD? TBD... it will be a contender, but more time is needed!

Unfortunately both systems I was on I didn't trust 1000% because I got some weird reads that felt way off so I am holding off on some of the firm data points for now. 


Source: MyGolfSpy

By: GolfSpy_APH

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