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Independent Golf Review:

Newton Motion Driver Shaft Review

January 4, 2024





I installed the Newton Motion Shaft in my Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond and AI Smoke Triple Diamond Drivers.  I played 5 on-course rounds of golf and tested it in the iGR Office by Carl’s Place Golf.  Newton golf shafts came from the same people that brought you Sacks Parente putters.  It is based on a physics model to help you improve distance and accuracy more easily. 
This is the definitive Newton Motion Shaft Review for 2024.



Newton is known for his laws of motion.  The Physicist is responsible for many insights we have into why and how things move.  It seems fitting that a golf company would be named after such a brilliant mind when it comes to motion, which is essentially what golf boils down to in its simplest form; make the ball move from tee to cup.  The science of doing that is incredibly complex that “rocket scientists” work at many golf companies.  Over the last decade one of the keys to unlocking distance and accuracy off the tee has been the graphite shaft.  The ability to manipulate materials, flex, weight, bend points, etc. have all been key to improvement.  Newton Golf Shafts unlocked some new methods and designs to make distance and accuracy easy.





“The secret to the Newton Motion Driver Shaft allowing a golfer to hit it straighter and farther with less effort there are 4 essential technologies: Elongated Bend Profiles, Symmetry 360 design, proprietary Kinetic Storage Construction, and Variable Torque Profiles by flex.”  What does that all mean?  That is the physics of what make this shaft unique.  The scientists at Newton Shafts applied/adjusted details of a golf shaft to help golfers get distance and accuracy more easily.  More of the shaft flexes, more of the shaft stores energy and all in a more consistent way for each individual golfer/shaft. They did this all with a very unique looking shell. It has a “rainbow” chrome that looks green, purple and blues depending on the angle and sun light.  It is both simple and complex at the same time.  It is stunning to look at and has a nice look at address with most any driver head.





The Newton Motion Shaft has heavier feel for a 60gram graphite driver shafts because of the bend profile.  After extensive testing, Newton Shafts proves that physics when connected to human swing mechanics means the feel of weight helps improve the swing motion for more speed and consistency.  It has high torque too, but yet it feels incredibly stable. It has a lot less “whip” feel while consistent bend is the sensation that it offers from start to finish. 





The on-course/simulator results of the Newton Motion Shaft are legit.  The very first “eye” test showed drives going very straight and mid/high but flat launch with low spin distance.  If you’ve every seen the side angle of ball flight you know the different physics that get the ball down the fairway. Some look like a bell curve, others a swoosh, others a trapezoid.  The Newton Shaft has a very flat arch type shape with similar ascent and descent patterns.  It has good roll out too while still enough launch height to create long carry.  While I have been struggling with driver on the course, my range sessions have been AMAZING.  Even on the course, when the stars aligned this thing bombs it straight and easy. I also really like the 6 dot system based on swing speed to get all golfers fitted into the best shaft for them.  I found the 4 dot perfect for my 103mph swing.





The Newton Motion Shaft comes with a moderate price tag of $250.  It isn’t the lowest priced model out there, but by comparison to other aftermarket shafts, this is a solid price for outstanding performance.  One of the other really great features they offer is the “ready to play” shaft which means they install the tip of your driver head and a grip when you order it.  That saves the cost of a tip, having someone install it and the downtime that it takes.  You can take it immediately to the course when it arrives. This combined with great performance should have you rethinking the stock shaft options,(even the upgraded ones) and consider the physics of a Newton Motion Shaft for easier distance and accuracy.

Here more information: Newton Golf Shafts Website


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