Flex Guide

Ken Duke

Ken Duke, a seasoned PGA professional, brings years of expertise and passion to the world of golf. With numerous accolades to his name, including a PGA Tour victory, Duke is renowned for his consistent performance and dedication to the sport.

Fernanda Lira

Fernanda Lira is an emerging talent in the world of golf, making waves as a PGA professional on the EPSON Tour and Ladies European Tour. With her remarkable skills and determination, Lira showcases a unique blend of power and finesse on the course, earning recognition for her impressive performances.

Jim Remy

Jim Remy, the 36th PGA President, is a leading voice in the golf industry, emphasizing the importance of PGA members in driving economic growth and promoting the game's healthy lifestyle values. Beyond his presidency, Remy remains actively involved in initiatives such as the Folds of Honor, supporting educational scholarships for military families. With a career spanning decades, Remy continues to inspire positive change within the golf community.